Fiamm FGC21803 - 12V 18Ah Lawnmower Battery

  • Genuine manufacturers replacement for the Fiamm Ecoforce F19-12B lawnmower battery.
  • Product Code FGC21803
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The Fiamm FGC21803 is a 12V 18Ah is suitable for lawnmower applications and is the only genuine replacement for the Fiamm F19-12B Ecoforce as fitted within a wide variety of lawnmowers. Fully sealed and manufactured to a maintenance free design, the 100% recyclable FGC21803 boasts a strong ABS plastic case with ‘flag' type terminals for simple, quick installation.

To ensure you get the best performance from your mower it is essential to fit a reliable, powerful battery from a major, proven manufacturer such as Fiamm, and if you are looking for the correct replacement for the F19-12B then look no further than the FGC21803. Blue Box Batteries are an approved Fiamm sales partner, we maintain large stocks of the FGC21803 to ensure fast dispatch from point of order.

We have provided details of some common questions and answers below, however should you wish to discuss or confirm any details please contact us on 02381 789197, our team will be glad to assist you.

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CycleOutstanding cyclic performance.
DesignBuild for regular and long deep discharge applications.
SeparatorsElectrolyte fully absorbed in glass mat (AGM technology).
Post SealsHigh integrity post seal design prevents acid leakage over a wide temperature range.
Non hazardousNon spillable and maintenance free.
Environmental100% recyclable.
Fiamm FGC21803 Data Sheetclick here
Fiamm FGC Range Brochureclick here
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)click here

Questions & Answers

  • Is this the same size as the Fiamm Ecoforce F19-12B? Yes, the Fiamm FGC21803 battery is exactly the same size, power and terminal arrangement as the F19-12B. This battery is the manufacturers recommended replacement for the F19-12B.
  • This battery is installed on its side in this mower, is this OK? Yes, this is a sealed product and can be operated on its side.
  • Will this product arrive to me fully charged? The battery will be in a state of around 90-95% state of charge, if possible it is best to charge the battery prior to use.
  • I have an Fiamm FGH21803 installed in my lawn mower, is this the same? The FGC21803 is a good replacement the FGH21803 and is the same power rating and box size. The terminals on the FGH21803 are slightly different size than on the FGC21803 though this makes no difference to the application itself Blue Box Batteries will supply the necessary bolts for the connection, though the old bolts will work just fine too.

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