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The Top Ten Artistic Lawns Around The World

Wednesday, 18th June 2014 Lawnmower Batteries

When you talk about art, everyone has their own opinions as to what’s good or bad. It’s because of our individual differences that what appears lovely to one person might seem unwieldy to another.

Although many of the most famous lawns can be found in the UK, where the inclement weather lends itself to greenery, the team here at Blue Box Batteries have spun the globe and picked out the most artistic and beautiful lawns across the world.

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A Guide To The Wacky World of Lawnmower Racing

Monday, 19th May 2014 Lawnmower Batteries

Lawnmowers are extremely convenient machines when it comes to cutting the grass, but don’t forget they’re also great for racing around on a dirt track too.

If you’ve never tried lawnmower racing before then you’re missing out. It’s great fun! If you want to get involved then take a look at the following Blue Box Batteries guide, where we explore the history of lawnmower racing and take a look at how you can become part of this incredible, action-packed sport.

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How To Dispose Of Old Lawnmower Batteries

Tuesday, 18th February 2014 Lawnmower Batteries

Picture the scenario: as summer is on the way you take your electric lawnmower out of the shed or garage to check that your machine is fully operational.

Whilst testing the lawnmower, you discover that the battery is no longer working. Well fear not, it’s a common problem for many people up and down the country.

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