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Changes To Fiamm FLB, SLA & FIT Batteries 2016

Sunday, 22nd May 2016
UPS Batteries

From April 2016 through to May 2016 Fiamm have been in the process refreshing the FLB, FIT and SLA series of VRLA standby batteries, which has included a change in box colour, product codes and updating the battery label. The following offers a description of the changes for each type.


Battery boxes for this type have now changed from solid grey box and lid to a dark blue box and grey lid. In physical size, terminal type, build standard and operational terms the battery is equivalent and completely compatible with previous models. To identify the new models the suffix of ‘P’ has now been included into the product code, for example the ‘12FLB350’ has now been rebranded as the ‘12FLB350P’.

Please see the following image showing the old and new FLB battery.

Image 1

The product label has also been refreshed to offer greater brand and range visibility together with additional technical information such as recommended float voltage and watts per cell rates at 15 minutes. Connection torque is also included on the label, which will assist in ensuring correct installation and on going maintenance.

Image 2

New products have also been added as part of this programme offering a greater choice for high Ah mono blocs. These include the 12FLB700P 12V 710Ah and 12FLB800P 12V 792Ah and the 6FLB800P 6V 792Ah, which have been developed and designed for suitability in high discharge applications such as UPS, Telecommunications, Rail applications and similar.

Roll out of the new models have been scheduled as follows –

Fiamm 12FLB100P – April 2016

Fiamm 12FLB150P – May 2016

Fiamm 12FLB200P – March 2016

Fiamm 12FLB250P – March 2016

Fiamm 12FLB300P - April to May 2016

Fiamm 12FLB350P – April to May 2016

Fiamm 12FLB400P – April to May 2016

Fiamm 12FLB450P – April to May 2016

Fiamm 12FLB540P – February 2016

Fiamm 12FLB700P – Current

Fiamm 12FLB800P – Expected May 2016

Once the roll out is complete, previous ‘solid grey’ models will no longer be available.


As one of the most long-standing and successful series of the Fiamm battery catalogue, the SLA has also been subject to revision in order to suit today’s DC power market and common OEM demands.

Whilst retaining the traditional solid blue colour, some models have been redesigned to meet with universal box sizes found in todays industry.

It should be noted that box sizes for some models will differ from historical types and this should be accounted for when replacing like for like product codes in pre existing cabinets and racking systems. Products affected by changes in physical design feature prominently within the 26Ah to 180Ah spectrum, we will be advising of these changes on each specific SLA product page, showing both old and new data sheet information to ensure compatibility. As always, should you require advice regarding a specific project then please do contact us directly to discuss.

An example of the SLA product modernisation is shown in the image below, it includes the upgraded labelling offering clear product information.

Image 3


Expected later in 2016, the evolution of the FIT products continues with the introduction of new power ratings, with particular reference to the new 12FIT151 with compact dimensions designed to suit the needs of clients requiring a high energy density within 19 inch telecoms cabinets. Additional launches will also include the 12FIT201, which will offer a 12V 200Ah battery solution within the same physical dimensions of the 12FIT180.

Image 4

As seen with the FLB series, the FIT battery box will be blue with a grey lid and the label will follow suit with the FLB and SLA in providing good brand and product information with technical specification and performance description relevant to each battery.

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