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Five Amazing Souped Up Mobility Scooters

Wednesday, 19th March 2014
Mobility Scooters

We've all seen either the elderly or the disabled getting around town with the aid of their mobility scooter. These devices in their most basic form are electric wheelchairs, with a lever to direct it and a couple of buttons for added functionality.

However, nowadays there are more and more mobility scooters which are being 'souped up’ as it were – with people sensing an opportunity to take the standard mobility scooter, modify it, and create something that is more enjoyable for riders and spectators alike.

If you don't believe us, then take a look below - we've found five of the best 'souped up' mobility scooters around.

70 mph Mobility Scooter

Driving at 70 miles per hour is risky and dangerous enough in a regular automobile - but doing it on a modified mobility scooter is a different story altogether. Having said that, Colin Furze clearly enjoys taking the risks as he skids and slides through the snow, doing some crazy turns in the process.

The scooter itself has been modified, of course, but not aesthetically it would seem - purely in terms of its performance. Take a look for yourself at crazy Colin in the following video.

60cc Engine

If you’re going to modify a mobility scooter to have a 600cc engine, you’ve got to do it in style.

We include dressing in motorcycle leathers in that category too – but in this video, your eyes soon turn from the choice of clothing to the mobility scooter and the rapid acceleration achieved. Car manufacturers brag about how quickly they can do 0-60mph, and this scooter fits perfectly in the same category.

Believe it or not, this scooter can actually reach 120mph, and holds the world record for the fastest mobility scooter. If this was flying down your local high street you definitely wouldn’t want to get in its way.

Watch this short clip as the driver pulls away from 0mph at quite a remarkable speed.

Off-road Mobility Scooters

This may not be the most impressive mobility scooter modification you’ll ever see, but it’s definitely one of the most impressive videos.

It was of course only a matter of time before the Top Gear boys decided to try out their skills on a few mobility scooters and the results are very funny indeed.

From getting stuck in the mud, breaking parts and racing against one another, the eight minute video is worth watching to see the humorous side of souped up mobility scooters.

Supercharged Mobility Scooter

When the driver is waving to a motorcyclist as he overtakes them, you know this mobility scooter is fast. But it’s the jumps, the bunny hopping and the skidding on the ice that makes this scooter so impressive – as well as the fact that the driver looks so unimpressed the entire time of course.

The stunts and manoeuvres are both insane and dangerous and as the caption says, that's one hell of a way to spend a retirement fund.

Of course we don’t condone mimicking any of this behaviour for yourself, although we do condone watching the video below to see these crazy moves in action.

Petrol Mobility Scooter

The modifications made on this mobility scooter are definitely up there with the best.

LED lights, indicators, a horn (yes, a horn), disc brakes, a sports seat and other aesthetic changes make this a scooter to be proud of and certainly one that is bound to catch the eye.

Performance isn’t too bad, either, with a 200cc engine sending the rider down the road and to the local shops in good time, but this is a scooter that's all about the look.

To modify a scooter to this standard you need a fair bit of time, and a fair bit of cash too - not to mention a very creative personality to make the changes.

Mobility scooters are extremely useful devices, although these videos show exactly what can be done to turn them into more powerful, crazy and souped up machines. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these altered designs, but remember not to copy any actions that you have seen for yourself.

Mobility scooter image from Bigstock.

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