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How To Dispose Of Old Lawnmower Batteries

Tuesday, 18th February 2014
Lawnmower Batteries

Picture the scenario: as summer is on the way you take your electric lawnmower out of the shed or garage to check that your machine is fully operational.

Whilst testing the lawnmower, you discover that the battery is no longer working. Well fear not, it’s a common problem for many people up and down the country.

So as you search for a replacement, how should you dispose of the existing battery? Here’s a quick look at some of your options.

Check with your local authority

Once you’ve removed the old battery from your lawnmower, you’ll need to dispose of it properly before fitting a new one.

Your first port of call is your local authority. Contact them to locate recycling centres or dumps in your area who will remove the battery for you.

Local recycling centres can take a number of items, including standard, car, and lawnmower batteries, but be sure to check first to avoid making a wasted journey.

Returning to your manufacturer or supplier

Alternatively, if you cast your mind back and remember where you bought the battery from, you can also make contact with them too.

As of 2010, shops selling more than 32KG a year have to provide in store collection facilities for batteries.

For more information and advice, visit - this helpful resource includes search functions for finding your local recycling banks too.

Dispose of your battery properly

Whatever option you choose, always make sure that you dispose of your batteries properly.

Never throw your lawnmower battery in the bin as the acid can cause damage to the environment and some disposal companies will refuse to take it as it’s classed as hazardous waste.

Instead, use a trusted and legitimate source as they will know exactly what to do with it and they may even recycle the model to reuse again in the future.

Lawnmower Battery

Replacing your battery

Once you’ve dealt with the old battery, you’ll need to find a replacement for your lawnmower.

With so many sizes, brands, and voltages available, if you’re not sure which one you require, then it’s best to speak to the experts.

At Blue Box Batteries, we stock an extensive range of lawnmower batteries for a number of brands and models. We’ve got the right battery for the job, which means that your lawnmower will be up and running again in no time at all.

Visit our lawnmower batteries page, or contact us directly today for advice and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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