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The Top Ten Artistic Lawns Around The World

Wednesday, 18th June 2014
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When you talk about art, everyone has their own opinions as to what’s good or bad. It’s because of our individual differences that what appears lovely to one person might seem unwieldy to another.

Although many of the most famous lawns can be found in the UK, where the inclement weather lends itself to greenery, the team here at Blue Box Batteries have spun the globe and picked out the most artistic and beautiful lawns across the world.

Garden lawn

Feast your eyes on our top ten and see if you agree or disagree with our choices.

10. Rodmarton Manor, Gloucestershire, UK

This lovely lawn at Rodmarton Manor, near Cirencester, complements the arts and crafts theme of the carefully designed garden. The grass follows the line of precision-trimmed box trees, with a delightfully plotted stone flag path. This is one of those gardens where someone has taken a great deal of time and energy to produce something that looks both casual and organic.

9. The Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino

Sometimes the lawn is the main feature for a large garden, but other times it creates a foil against the fabulous growing decoration. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, in San Marino, California, sports a busy and highly intricate Japanese garden, set off with a perfect manicured lawn.

8. Villa Ephrussi, Italy

Deceptively simple lines can hide an endearingly complex design, as this lawn at the Villa Ephrussi, Italy demonstrates. The symmetrical geometric shapes provide a lovely balance, echoed in the shape of the house, which dates from 1912.

7. Sunken Garden, Kensington, UK

Kensington Gardens is a classic British attraction, and the [Sunken Garden uses the lawn to frame the pond in perfect synchronicity with the planted borders. Diana, Princess of Wales walked the lines of this beautiful lawn many times during her residence at Kensington Palace.

6. Hortensia House gardens, New Zealand

The Hortensia House gardens belong to a private home in Blenheim, New Zealand, and are open to the public throughout most of the year. The luscious lawns, of which there are several, give this beautiful and exotic garden a real look of luxury and comfort.

5. Roof Top Lawn, Cumbria, UK

One of the most unusual, but well-designed lawns in the UK can be found on the roof of a tourist attraction in Cumbria. Built by a company that began as a farm – and who still operate the farm – the lawn on this building serves a unique and aesthetic purpose for visitors and tourists alike.

4. Crichel House, Dorset, UK

This gorgeous, geometric lawn is reminiscent of alien crop circles, or a traditional stately home maze, and belongs to the grounds of Crichel House in Dorset, UK. Rebuilt in the 1700s, the original house was a Tudor classic, and the lawn here is a lovely representation of the Tudor garden style.

3. Kitchen Garden, Aberglasney, Carmarthenshire, Wales

For delightful simplicity, this geometric lawn is the epitome of artistic, when it comes to a twist on the green carpet. Located in the kitchen garden at Aberglasney in the Tywi Valley, Carmarthenshire, the gorgeous verdant shapes set off the stonework, while the lawn as a whole stands out in its own right.

2. Garden of Versailles, France

For several centuries, the palace at Versailles has been upheld as an icon for buildings as well as gardens. The stylish non-symmetry of the curled shapes of the lawn are in true contrast with the outline of the gardens in which they sit, giving the whole area a busy look, despite the overall regimented design.

1. La Licorne d’Eiffel, Limousin, France

Our number one artistic lawn falls to La Licorne d’Eiffel, an artwork by Yona Friedman, on the Island of Vassivere, in the Limousin area of France. Similar to the prehistoric ‘Long Man’ chalk figure in Sussex, the unicorn on this image has been created using carbonate minerals. This lawn isn’t just artistic: it IS art.

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Lawn image from Bigstock.

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