Yuasa NPC24-12I - 12V 24Ah Battery

  • High Cyclic Capacity
  • Product Code NPC24-12I
£49.99 inc. VAT

The NPC24-12I valve regulated lead acid battery from Yuasa offers a high cyclic capacity for use in a range of applications that require a battery power source on a very regular basis, this is a perfect product for mobility scooters, golf trolleys, lifts, electric tools and many other battery powered items that are used on a daily basis.

This battery provides a low maintenance solution with valve regulated construction and heavy duty plates which allows the NPC24-12I-12 to claim a longer service life than many of its rivals, as well as much as double the cycle capability of conventional sealed lead acid batteries.

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I am sorry the Yuasa NPC24-12i is currently out of stock, please see the Fiamm alternative FGC22703 at the bottom of this page.

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CyclicHigh cyclic capacity
FitmentManufactured worldwide with universal box size fitments.
MultipurposeCan be used in both float and cyclic applications.
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001.
Low MaintenanceSealed construction and internal recombination.
GridsLead calcium for extended life.
Yuasa NPC24-12I Data Sheetclick here
Yuasa NPC Brochureclick here
Yuasa Battery Careclick here
MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)click here

Questions & Answers

  • What is meant by cyclic capacity? A battery discharge and recharge is known as a ‘cycle’, when a battery is described as having a ‘high cyclic capacity' then this will mean that the battery has greater capacity be charged and discharged more often than a standard battery type. In the case of equipment such as mobility scooters, this can mean the battery is used and cycled on a daily basis.

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