Front Terminal Batteries By Blue Box Batteries

The benefits of front terminal terminal batteries cannot be understated. Whilst providing great fitment and power density in racks and cabinets, the terminals being accessible from the front of the battery enables simple installation without having to reach over battery terminals to connect batteries. This feature also benefits ongoing maintenance when taking power readings and re torquing connections when or if necessary. These processes can be much quicker, safer and easier with front access batteries.

Though traditionally most commonly found in telecom power applications, the benefits of front terminal batteries are now being recognised by manufacturers and installers of high power standby applications such as UPS and emergency lighting, and have been used in major data centre projects where a continuous, uninterrupted power source is critical for ongoing operations. The advantages of front terminal batteries cannot be underestimated, saving space, time and money.

Blue Box Batteries offer a wide choice of front terminal battery options, all from proven and well know manufacturers such as Fiamm, Yuasa, Exide GNB and C&D Technologies. Call us to discuss your project and to find the best battery system for you.