Fiamm SMG Cells.

The Fiamm SMG OPzV represent the latest design in gel technology to provide long life cells for high entry applications in telecoms, rail, airports, power plants and power distribution.

SMG OPzV cells offer a wide capacity range from 200Ah and up to 3000Ah to ensure the widest possible power choice for any major power projection requirement. Designed to provide and impressive 18 year design life (Eurobat ‘long life' 12 years and longer) the SMG batteries are non spillable, 100% recyclable, deep discharge proof and require minimal maintenance with no ‘topping off’ of cells required.

As with all Fiamm battery products, the SMG is manufactured to the highest industry standards which includes DIN 4072 - specification OPZV Cells, DIN 43539T5 - deep discharge, IEC 60896 Part 21 - VRLA methods of testing and IEC 60896 Part 22 - VRLA requirements.