1. Introduction

This Ethical Policy serves as a guideline for all the company's business practices. Through its business practices the company seeks to support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The company's position on Human Rights reflects the core requirements of the UDHR, such as freedom from torture, unjustified imprisonment, unfair trial and other oppression. It also includes freedom of expression, religion and political or other representation. The company is also committed to eliminating bribery and corruption.

2. Human Rights

On the basis of this policy the company will not provide support or work with:

businesses or organisations which fail to uphold basic human rights within their sphere of influence. The company recognises that businesses have the opportunity to ensure that human rights are upheld in all those aspects of their operations that they could reasonably expect to control. These can include:

businesses or organisations with links to an oppressive regime - regimes where basic human rights, as set out in the UDHR, are denied in a systematic manner over time. By "links to an oppressive regime" the company means:

3. Arms Trade

The company will not provide support or work with businesses or organisations involved in the manufacture or transfer of armaments to oppressive regimes, including:

The company will not provide support or work with businesses or organisations involved in the manufacture of torture equipment or other equipment that is used in the violation of human rights, including business which:

4. Global Trade

The company advocates and supports the Fundamental International Labour Organisation Conventions. These Conventions are the most widely-accepted standards for minimum labour rights and cover the use of forced labour, use of child labour, collective bargaining and freedom of association. The company will seek to support businesses or organisations that take a responsible position with regard to:

The company will not support businesses or organisations whose activities include:

5. Genetic Modification

The company will not provide support or work with businesses or organisations involved in the development, distribution or marketing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) where, in particular, the following activities are evident:

6. Ecological Impact and Animal Welfare

The company actively seeks ways to reduce the ecological impact of its own activities in terms of energy and materials usage. The company will encourage the organisations it works with to take a pro-active stance on the environmental impact of their own activities to avoid repeated damage to the environment and will actively support organisations involved in:

7. Confidentiality

Information received by employees, contractors or agents of the company will not be used for any personal gain, nor will it be used for any purpose beyond that for which it was given. The company will at all times ensure that it complies with all applicable requirements of data protection legislation in force from time to time.

8. Bribery and Corruption

The company is fundamentally opposed to any acts of bribery and to the making of facilitation payments as defined by the Bribery Act 2010. The company will:

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