C&D Technologies MRX Range

High Rate Max VRLA Batteries For Standby Applications

VRLA Top Terminal solutions for a world of standby applications, offering proven, high quality, reliable battery systems from C&D Technologies.

Designed for critical standby power applications where maximum battery life is essential, C&D MRX batteries have been specifically developed to ensure maximum life to comply with rigorous industry standards. As well of incorporating a wide range of special features the MRX battery selection has a minimal footprint when compared to power rating and design life, this makes MRX batteries particularly suitable for IT areas, data centres, financial institutions as well as other environments where a high rate DC power source is required and space saving is not only preferred, but essential.

C&D MRX batteries have been the chosen product for many high profile data centres, and are specified directly by many major clients who expect a premium battery product to provide backup to critical building and IT services when mains power is interrupted or no longer available. If you are looking for a high profile battery to suit your needs then look no further than the MRX battery from C&D Technologies.

Blue Box Batteries also supply a full range of accessories to compliment the C&D Technologies MRX range of products so please do not hesitate to contact on 02381 789197 to discuss your project. As approved C&D Technologies battery suppliers, no other company is better placed to provide the best service and technical support to match.