Batteries by GNB Industrial Power.

With operations around the world, in more than 80 countries, Exide are one of the worlds largest producers of standby batteries offering a comprehensive and customised range of products to suit a wide range of stored energy requirements.

Exide have over 100 years of experience in the development of battery products and parter many major OEM’s in todays industries, including solutions that have been designed for telecommunication systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), photovoltaic (solar applications), and railway power equipment. The Sprinter, Marathon & Marathon FT ranges all enjoy a well deserved reputation for excellence and reliability and are considered the battery of choice by many engineers.

Recycling and environmental responsibility is a subject taken very seriously by Exide GNB, and great pride is taken in the company’s commitment to creating a better environment for today and for future generations to come. The ‘Total Battery Management Programme’ has been developed in the intention of ensuring a safe and responsible life cycle for all Exide products. This involves an integrated approach to all aspects of the manufacturing and supply chain of Exide GNB battery products.

Blue Box Batteries Ltd are pleased to be a sales partner to Exide GNB in the UK and are able to supply not just excellent pricing but technical support also. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.