C&D Technologies MR Range

High Rate Max VRLA Batteries For Standby Applications

VRLA Top Terminal solutions for a world of standby applications, offering proven, high quality, reliable battery systems from C&D Technologies. Designed for standby power applications where maximum battery life is essential the C&D Technologies MR Range range of High Rate Max batteries have been specifically designed for optimum performance and to comply with the demands of rigorous industry standards.

The C&D Technologies MR Range range represents the perfect standby battery solution for even the most critical of standby power systems supporting high reliance environments such as banks, data centres, medical facilities, hotels, power stations and industrial areas, in fact, anywhere where a reliable and uninterrupted power source is absolutely essential to ensure operations remain in place and safety systems are upheld.

The MR products offer a wide choice of power ratings, providing some of the widest choice possible from a VRLA battery range, so whatever your requirements, it is likely that the C&D Technologies MR range can offer the perfect solution. In addition to the most competitive pricing for the MR range we offer a full range of accessories to compliment these products. And don’t forget, as an approved UK sales partner to C&D Technologies Blue Box Batteries are able to offer full technical support to make sure you are provided with the best service possible so please do not hesitate to contact us on 02381 789197 to discuss your project.