Fiamm SMG 275 - 5 OPzV 250

  • Product Code 5 OPzV 250
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The SMG275 from Fiamm is a 2V 275Ah OPzV cell solution offering an extremely reliable and robust solution for telecommunications, trains, essential rail and airport power support equipment, power plants and other major backup power applications requiring a heavy duty battery system to provide ongoing support even in environments of periodic elevated ambient temperature and remote site locations.

The SMG275 has been developed to provide a wide selection of impressive of features which include tubular positive plates using electrolyte immobilised in gel to provide excellent cycling performance, a maintenance free and non spillable design, deep discharge prevention and an 18 year design life to ensure system longevity. The SMG275 represents a premium OPzV cell manufactured to meet the highest industrial standards required by major organisations and modern businesses.

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Questions & Answers

  • Is the SMG 275 a recyclable battery product? Yes, this battery is completely recyclable. Should you require assistance in dealing with correct and legal battery disposal please do contact us on 02381 789197.
  • Are battery connectors supplied with an order of SMG cells? Yes, battery connectors are provided free of charge with a new order.