Exide GNB Sprinter XP6V2800 - 6V 195Ah VRLA Battery

  • Product Code NAXP062800HP0FA
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The powerful Exide GNB Sprinter P/XP series are perfect for high rate discharge applications where short, high current durations are applicable. Suitable for UPS applications and similar standby equipment, Exide GNB's experience and innovation makes the Sprinter P/XP battery product an excellent choice for powering critical load equipment. The Sprinter XP6V2800 is available in a choice of case materials, standard ‘HB’ and flame retardant ‘V0’ cases are both be provided.

The XP6V2800 is the manufacturers replacement for the P6V2030 battery which is no longer in production. For comparison purposes, we have data sheets for the discontinued battery and the XP6V2800 available within the ‘Documentation' section on this page.

Blue Box Batteries are a premium distributor for all Exide GNB network power battery solutions, we pride ourselves on strong customer service and good value. Call our team today for support and advice, we are always on hand to assist where required.

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EurobatDesign Life "12 years and longer - Long Life" according to EUROBAT Classification.
StandardsDesigned in accordance with IEC 60896-21/-22. Manufactured in Europe in ISO9001 certified production plants.
PlatesGrid plates with superior lead calcium alloy for excellent corrosion resistance.
GassingVery low gassing due to internal gas recombination (99% efficiency).
StorageLow self discharge rate, enabling extended storage capability.
ConstructionHigh-Compression Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology
Exide GNB Sprinter Brochureclick here
Exide GNB Safe Handlingclick here
Exide GNB P6V2030 (DISCONTINUED)click here

Questions & Answers

  • Is the XP6V2800 a ‘like for like' equivalent to the P6V2030? No, whilst the XP6V2800 does offer an increase in available power against the old P6V2030 it is important to acknowledge that the two batteries are not the same physical size. Though the footprint of XP6V2800 is smaller than the P6V2030, the new battery is slightly taller, so care should be taken when replacing one for the other to ensure the new battery will fit into an existing battery cabinet or rack. For more information you will see we have provided data sheets for both types in our the ‘Documentation’ section of this page, or please contact us directly for assistance.

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