Fiamm 12FIT40 12V 40Ah VRLA Battery

  • Product Code 12FIT40
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The Fiamm 12FIT40 valve regulated lead acid battery offers the advantages of absorptive glass mat (AGM) technology with the added benefits of accessible front terminals.

The front terminal design on all FIT batteries helps to reduce installation time and simplifies ongoing maintenance, this product is perfect for telecommunication equipment, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and many other standby applications where space is limited and functionality a must. The front access terminals are fully insulated by terminal covers thus ensuring electrical safety and the terminal covers have a specially designed probe hole allowing safe and easy voltage readings to be taken. Lifting handles are situated on each end of the battery to provide further ease on installation.

The compact design minimizes overall footprint and facilitates a more compact battery layout in both cabinets and on racks.

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Design Life10 year design life (Eurobat Guide - 10-12 years)
Applicable StandardsIEC 60896 Part 21-22, BS6290 Part 4
SeparatorsMicroporous glass mats
TerminalsThreaded terminals provide for high conductivity, minimum installation time, and maximum torque retention
Flame ArrestorsExpel excess gas while preventing any errant spark of flame from entering the battery
HandlesAll sizes have handles for ease of use when installing and removing batteries
Safety ValvesOperate at low internal pressure
ConnectionsThe terminals allow for front, top or side connections depending on the space constraints of the installation
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Constant Current Discharge 20°Cclick here
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Questions & Answers

  • Are interlinks supplied? Interlinks and terminal covers are supplied free of charge upon request, when accompanied with a battery order.
  • Does the FIT range replace the Fiamm UMTB range? Yes, the Fiamm UMTB range has now been discontinued and replaced with the FIT battery range which offers a larger portfolio of batteries and fitment options. Equivalents to the old UMTB battery types are available within the FIT products.

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