Fiamm 6SLA160 6V 160Ah VRLA Battery

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FIAMM MONOLITE 6SLA160 valve regulated lead acid battery is the ideal energy source for many essential standby applications, including emergency lighting, high rate UPS, telecoms, switchgear and other electrical utilities.

The MONOLITE valve regulated lead-acid range is of the highest integrity and complies fully with the most stringent international specifications. Extensive testing and customer field experience since MONOLITE's inception during 1985 ensures ultimate reliability for standby systems.

FIAMM's Standby Battery manufacture conforms to ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental system. The continuous investment in battery technology is reflected by means of premium products that are of the highest quality and reliability.

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Design LifeEurobat Guide - ‘Long Life’ - 12 years and longer
StandardIEC 60896 Part 21-22.
Plates & GridsExtra thick plates with grids cast from high purity Lead-Calcium-Tin allow to ensure a long and reliable life.
SeparatorsMicroporous glass mats.
Containers & LidsMade from thick walled ABS flame retardant plastic, designed fro an unsurpassed mechanical strength and in accordance with flame retardancy standard IEC 707 FV0 and UL V0
TerminalsThreaded post terminals with brass inserts allow high conductivity and maximum torque retention.
Flame Arrestor DeviceExpels excess gas while preventing any errant spark or flame from entering the battery.
HandlesMost sizes have handles integrated in to the battery covers to facilitate ease of handling, installation and removal of the batteries.
Safety ValvesOperate at low internal pressure.
Fiamm SLA Range Brochureclick here
Fiamm SLA Engineering Manualclick here
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)click here
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Constant Current Discharge 20°Cclick here

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  • Are interlinks supplied? Standard interlinks and terminal covers are supplied free of charge upon request, when accompanied with a battery order.

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