Yuasa REW45-12 - 12V 8Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

  • Product Code REW45-12
Price On Application

The Yuasa REW45-12 is a versatile, general purpose 12V 8Ah battery built to high industry standards to ensure reliability and performance in service. The wide terminals make this battery option particularly suitable to high rate discharge applications such as UPS and similar standby power applications though would equally be used in solar, telecoms and lighting backup.

The physical shape conforms to the universal ‘12V 7Ah’ box size making the REW45-12 a great replacement option for all other batteries in this class. This is a long life product when compared to its peers and will offer great service for many years. The proven AGM technology ensures that this battery can be trusted to provide maintenance free performance and good recovery from deep discharge.

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NOTE : For a cost saving alternative, please see the link below to the Exide Powerfit S112/9SR.

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Questions & Answers

  • Can this battery be operated on its side? The Yuasa REW45-12 is a fully sealed battery and so can be operated on its side without issue. The manufacturer does advise that the battery is not suitable to be used in a continuously upside down arrangement.
  • Is this battery recyclable? Yes, the REW45-12 is a fully recyclable battery.

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