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Replacement Lawnmower Batteries

As more and more people turn to the comfort and convenience of an electric start lawnmower or a next generation fully electric lawnmower to create the perfect lawn, the more daunting it can be to find the right replacement lawnmower batteries for your mowers. There are so many different brands of lawnmower - each with its own size, voltage and type of lawnmower battery, but rest assured that Blue Box Batteries has a lawnmower battery and charger solution and all the help you need to make sure you choose the right battery for the job. All our batteries for lawnmower applications offer standard fitment sizes at prices you’d find hard to beat.

To ensure you gain the best performance and long service life from your battery, during winter months it is best to disconnect the battery from the lawnmower if possible, and store in a dry, cool area. During this period of non activity, there is a risk of the battery self discharging, to avoid this becoming an issue Blue Box Batteries can provide a full range of chargers, complete with crocodile clips, to suit each lawnmower battery, each has a trickle charge facility allowing the battery to remain topped up and in prime condition over the winter period.

Fitting Replacement Lawnmower Batteries

Looking After Lawnmower Batteries

Ambient temperature should always be a consideration when storing lawnmower batteries and it should be understood what happens to your battery during the winter when the mower is packed away, most commonly in the garage or garden shed, where temperatures can become very low. Cold ambient temperatures will reduce the capacity of the battery considerably, this is because the chemical reaction rate of the battery will be slowed, but this effect is temporary and the capacity can be expected to return once temperatures rise in the spring, the ideal operating temperature for a sealed lead acid battery is 20 – 25 degrees. During the summertime another issue arises, high storage temperature is a very common reason for early life failure in batteries and should be avoided, as a rule of thumb, every 10°C over 25°C will half the service life of a lead acid battery, if left in this environment for an extended period of time. Should you have any concerns or require advice, we are always on hand to provide you with the help you need.

Talk to Blue Box Batteries about our great range of replacement lawnmower batteries and we’ll have your grass looking shorter and greener in no time. We only stock batteries from the world’s leading battery manufacturers and we’re proud to be the UK’s only distributor of the Fiamm range of replacement lawnmower batteries, which are considered best in class when it comes to reliability, performance and value for money.

If you need help or advice on your replacement lawnmower battery, please call us on 02381 789197 or email enquiries@blueboxbatteries.co.uk and we’ll be pleased to assist you. We always maintain great stock levels to keep you mowing, so you can order online or over the phone with absolute confidence.