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Five Essential Maintenance Checks For Your Mobility Scooter

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014 Mobility Scooters

Like any method of transport in life, it’s a privilege to actually be able to get from A to B without fuss. From the car and the motorbike, to the moped and mobility scooter, each vehicle has made our lives easier as we can travel whenever we desire.

So in order for your mobility scooter to last that extra mile (no pun intended) it’s important to keep it well maintained and carry out checks on a regular basis.

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Five Amazing Souped Up Mobility Scooters

Wednesday, 19th March 2014 Mobility Scooters

We've all seen either the elderly or the disabled getting around town with the aid of their mobility scooter. These devices in their most basic form are electric wheelchairs, with a lever to direct it and a couple of buttons for added functionality.

However, nowadays there are more and more mobility scooters which are being 'souped up’ as it were – with people sensing an opportunity to take the standard mobility scooter, modify it, and create something that is more enjoyable for riders and spectators alike.

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